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Speaking for Preservation

While some of our most well known and valuable desert areas have received the highest level of protection as state and national parks, many other valuable desert areas are managed for multiple use by the Bureau of Land Management. These landscapes face repeated and ongoing threats from recreational overuse, development, and industrial exploitation. For the fate of these desert public lands, speaking up for preservation will always be necessary. Preventing these threats from becoming reality takes an organization versed in communicating with public lands managers and in promoting public input. The Desert Protective Council has played, and will continue to play, that role.

Here are just a few of the ways we work:

  • Communicating with governmental agencies to ensure that they keep preservation at the forefront of their management decisions
  • Organizing and encouraging public involvement in a range of desert management issues
  • Commenting on management plans and other environmental review documents
  • Serving on a variety of stakeholder groups
  • Crafting, and educating the public about, legislation that will protect desert lands
  • Educating the public and elected officials about the value of wilderness
  • As a last resort, engaging in litigation to enforce our nation's environmental laws

We encourage you to join us in speaking up for desert protection.