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Advisory Panel Members

The founders of the Desert Protective Council realized the organization would benefit from being able to consult with a panel of chosen experts in their fields. A potential advisory panel is nominated by the Board President and confirmed by a majority vote of the Board of Directors. Membership on the Advisory Panel is extended to men and women distinguished in the arts and sciences pertaining to the desert and/or because of their broad interest in the objectives of the DPC and their knowledge of specific desert areas. The members of the Advisory Panel advise the Board through the President of matters within their sphere of interest deemed worthy of consideration by the Council.

  • Sylvia Broadbent, Professor of Archaeology
  • George W. Cox, Conservation Ecologist
  • Peter Dangermond, Former CA State Park Director
  • Michael Frome, Author
  • Larry Iwerks, Wilderness Advocate, Artist
  • Art Montana, Professor of Earth Sciences
  • Karen Sausman, Biopark Director
  • Leonard Vincent, Professor of Biology
  • Howard Wilshire, Geologist
  • George Wuerthner, Author and Photographer