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About the Mesquite Fund

The Mesquite Fund (formerly Imperial County Fund) was established in 2004 as a result of our lawsuit against the Mesquite Mine's conversion to a landfill. While we were not successful in preventing this conversion, our $1.67 million share of the $5 million settlement has allowed us to create a lasting legacy for conservation in Imperial County.

With grants awarded by the end of 2006 of $394,000, we have helped introduce Imperial County school children to the wonders of the desert environment, promoted the restoration of the Salton Sea, preserved both ancient and historic culture of Imperial Valley, and more. In the coming years, we will continue these efforts, and move into the conservancy arena by purchasing key parcels of desert habitat in Imperial County.

The Mesquite Fund also supports the work of our Imperial County Special Projects and Conservation Coordinator, Terry Weiner, who has become a vital voice for conservation in an area long neglected by other environmental groups.

If you would like to specifically support our work in Imperial County, simply use our donation form and write “Imperial County Projects” on your check's memo line. You can donate by credit card here and make sure to specify “Imperial County Projects” in the Designation box. Your donations will be kept separate from the Mesquite settlement fund, but will be used to support the same or similar projects in Imperial County.

For a full list of past and current grantees, visit our Past Awards page.

If you have a conservation or desert education project in Imperial County that needs funding, please view our Grant Guidelines page.